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Sustainable Shopping

From our locally sourced, packaging-free fruit and veg to our milk dispenser we hope you'll find that shopping at Heath Stores is a convenient and sustainable place to shop. 
Read on below to discover all the ways Heath Stores is making an effort to be kinder to the environment.


Refill Station

Our refill station is stocked with all the basics such as pasta, rice, beans, pulses, cooking oils, flour, sugar, and much more. 
Feel free to bring your own containers or we have paper bags for you to store your items in.
The refill station not only allows you to shop without generating waste from food packaging but also to buy only as much as you need, which reduces food waste and could also save you money!


Milk Dispenser

Our milk dispenser stocks locally-sourced semi-skimmed milk from a small dairy in Northiam.
We have glass bottles for your first time purchase or, as before, feel free to bring your own containers.

Glass of Milk

Eco-Friendly Toiletries

We stock an extensive range of Faith in Nature toiletries including, shampoo and conditioner, shampoo bars, soaps, and as well as other products. Faith in Nature uses all-natural products and uses as much recycled plastic as possible with plastic-free packaging where possible. 
We also have a refill station for these products as well as other household items such as washing up liquid and laundry detergent.
For a full list of our eco-friendly toiletries click on the link below


Packaging-Free Fruit and Veg

Over 90% of our fruit and veg is sold loose, with no packaging at all. All fruit and veg comes in fresh every day and we have

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Our Commitment to Sustainable Business

As well as providing customers with many sustainable product options we strive to run our business as eco-friendly as we can.
This includes heating the property with a wood-burning boiler and replacing our lights with LEDs which take much less energy to run.
Our deliveries are done with an electric van. 
All of this helps us to reduce our carbon footprint.

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