Heath Stores Take Away Pizzas

Heath Stores Take Away Pizza

Ring up to place your order and collect 20-25 minutes later
Available every day except Thursday evenings and Sundays, last orders 30 minutes before closing.
Want your pizza later? Order it uncooked, collect before closing and cook at home when you are ready
                                                 12 inch Pizza                7 inch Pizza

October Special: Pulled Pork and apple sauce                             £8.25                                               £4.95

Margherita                                                                          £6.75                                           £4.20
Pepperoni                                                                           £7.25                                           £4.70
Vegetarian (pepper, mushroom, spinach, onion)                 £7.25                                           £4.70
Meat Feast (sausage, ham, chicken, bacon.)                        £8.25                                           £4.95
Ham and Pineapple                                                             £7.75                                           £4.85
Garlic Bread                                                                                                  £1.00                    
Or make your own by adding any of the toppings below
Mushroom, onion, spinach, pepper, tomato                                   add 35p   per topping             add 25p per topping
Pepperoni, chicken, sausage, bacon, ham, pineapple            add 75p per topping               add 50p per topping
Extra cheese, sundried tomato, olives, anchovies                  add £1.25 per topping            add £1 per topping


Download the Heath Stores Pizza and Panni Menu 

Heath Stores menu panini & pizza.pdf Heath Stores menu panini & pizza.pdf
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